August 10th, 2009



I've been a loyal Megapath customer for years. (Something like 8 or 10, crazy, in that range...) They've had great service (and a great service - fast DSL, static ip's, all that jazz).

Anyways, the emphasis on all of this is "had".

I moved. I emailed support and billing, and let them know, and asked for help moving the line. Radio silence for 2 weeks. I ignored it for a while, since I was busy working and packing and moving, but when I had a break, I picked up the phone and called. Painful. No idea I'm moving, despite having a 2 week old support ticket AND a 2 week old billing ticket. No idea how to provision my line.

In fact, couldn't even provision it without phone service, but that there's no way to get DDSL ("naked" DSL), only ADSL or SDSL, or I'll lose my IP's. Fine. I sign up w/ Verizon, and a week later, have my phone. (Very impressed at how quick that was!)

Ok, so, back on the phone. Different person, who now tells me DDSL is definitely available, and cheaper, and says she'll set me up. Eureka! I fill out the papers, sign them, return them. Done!

Inside wiring date set, after waiting. Inside wiring date comes. No one shows up. They say we're not home. Sweet.

I call to complain. Apologetic, but won't bump anything up, says she'll arrange a new inside wiring date within 24 hours.

Now, almost a week later, still no confirmation email, no new date set. I'm now something like 4 weeks into this ("30 day") odyssey, I've gotten the run-around, none of the tickets I've opened were ever answered, the messages I leave don't get returned... I have a life, I don't have time to chase them around for this stuff! It should've been done a week ago, instead I still don't even have a guesstimate of a date.

This is the company I used to recommend? Hell with that. I'm really pissed at those guys, they're dropping the ball big time. My recommendation now? Stay away from them. :P

Wish I had FIOS w/ static IP's.

Update: Ok, now I have a new inside wiring date, and it's the 18th. And then after that, there's apparently more work to be done, too, so I dunno, maybe I'll be up and running within 7 weeks of first contacting them? Frustrating. The worst part is the fact that it's just so hard to get a straight answer (or any answer!) from them. It's a lot easier to be patient when you can actually get an answer and things get done when they say they will.