September 25th, 2008



At oracle open world. They're having a customer appreciation event, at treasure island, a man-made island in the bay outside of san fran. They've set up a whole amusement park/ carnival - ferris wheel, other rides, games, etc. The wine and beer is free and free flowing, and right now Seal is up on stage.

The sound system is mind-boggling - I've never been at a concert where it was this clear through the entire area. After Seal finishes his set, Elvis Costello is up.

This must be costing them a ton. There are thousands of people here, and everyone is eating and drinking and watching the music and playing the games. Must be good to be a profitable company.

Earlier this afternoon he (Larry Ellison, the oracle ceo) ripped netapp a new asshole, said oracle's new platform was like 40x faster, and they turned out to be one of the major sponsors of the event. Their flags are flying right above Seal as he sings and dances around - wonder if they're regretting writing larry that check now?

Anyways, further updates thru twitter. Lj is too hard on my blackberry.
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