October 11th, 2007



Walk Don't Destroy 3 is an opportunity to help fund the DDDB legal campaign at a fun, interactive and exciting event. Join your friends and neighbors to help stop eminent domain abuse, massive over-development and the destruction of the Brooklyn we know and love.

The court battles against the 'Atlantic Yards' hinges on our ability to fund our legal team. While we have two very strong legal cases and a stellar legal team, the community can't win without your help in raising money and awareness.

The walk is about 2 miles, and starts at noon at the Freddys Bar. The event will include hundreds of walkers and a closing community party at Soda Bar.

Register for Walk Don't Destroy 3 here.

If you don't know about the travesty that is the Atlantic Yards project, you should take a moment and read about it. There are a lot of misconceptions about it being good for neighborhood jobs or privately funded or any of a hundred other points of confusion.

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