September 2nd, 2007



Spider experiments, part one:

(Thanks to ebess for the link!)

Spider experiments, part two:

Apparently Italian scientists have discovered how to make a suit that will let people wall-crawl like their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. No, really - they haven't made it, but they believe they've discovered how to. Now we need to see if their theories work in practice. :)

(Link stolen from karmakazesal.)

And to bring it to a close, another spider-web picture PotM:



There's a sport I just recently became aware of, EI, or Extreme Ironing. (I think it should be XI, but maybe that's just because I'm an American.) I saw it somewhere on my f-list but I don't remember where - whoever it was, thank you!

A video:

A picture from the US tour in 2004:

The website:


I've decided to try out Tumblr to see what it's like. It strikes me as a good place to post all of the annoying stuff (videos, photos, whatever) that take up a lot of space on my LJ and I'm guessing most people don't actually want to see on a regular basis.

Doesn't mean I won't post that stuff here any more, of course, but a lot of that stuff might end up there too.

We'll see how it goes.