September 1st, 2007


Home again

I'm home. Tired, restless, missing the family already, and not looking forward to dealing with the sh*tstorm that developed at work while I was gone. Nor can I believe that once again my vacation was spent working almost every day, thanks to poor timing. Just once I'd like to go on a vacation where coworkers/ bosses/ etc. don't decide to hold major events and make major changes while I'm gone, especially because I'm the one that always has to clean up the mess, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. But anyways, this wasn't meant as a rant - despite all of that, it's very comforting to be home, to be back in Brooklyn, to have my own bike back, all of that good stuff.

Since I'm too tired and have too much on my mind to really get out a quick but thoughtful post, how about a picture instead? Here's my PotM (Picture of the Moment, which gives me license to post daily, weekly, or whenever the hell I feel like it):


Enjoy. I'm going to go lie down again, my body hasn't quite decided what time zone it's in yet.