August 28th, 2007


Gelato. Gelato? Gelato!

La Casa Gelato!Don't feel like making a substantial post: yesterday I biked, then had dinner w/ a friend. Today, we walked around downtown, and then had dinner (I had a crab... only one :( ) and went for gelato at the best gelato place in the universe, La Casa Gelato, which has (drumroll) 218 flavors that they serve on any given day - out of a total list of over 500 flavors (they rotate them regularly). The quality isn't actually the best in the world (il Laboratorio beats it on individual flavors, for instance), but the variety makes up for it.

These are all individual flavors, no repeats:
Gelato counter

Enjoying gelato!

The after-effects of gelato: gelato zombies!
M as zombie

In closing: fountain.

The rest of the photos are in this set in mostly chronological order: