August 25th, 2007


Image seam editing: Wowoweewow!

I think Borat put it best - you need to see this. Normally, I'd consider image editing to be a pretty boring topic, but some computer scientists have put together some experimental software that lets you do things like resize photos while being content aware... it does it automatically, or you can mark certain parts of the image as being more or less important. This lets you basically highlight a person in a photo, for instance, and have it automatically - and seamlessly - remove them! It also lets you resize a photo and have it "compress" the less interesting parts away rather than just scale everything and have it look like crap.

You have to check out the video:

Of course, the flip side is that suddenly it allows any user - regardless of experience or skill w/ tools like photoshop - to actually alter a photo's content, sometimes in very meaningful ways. You have to wonder if we'll get to a point where you'll be able to trust any photo as being "real" and not just manufactured by really clever software.

(Stolen from yesthattom.)

Vancouver, days one and two

Well, didn't do a lot yet. Had some drama with potentially lost passports, but fortunately that was resolved. Walked around a bit the first day, relaxed some, tried to recover from jet lag. The second day, we did a little more "official" stuff - visited the grandparents, had dinner (over 15 course... gah...) with my uncle and his friends and my grandparents. After that, we went to the Night Market.

For those of you not familiar with a Night Market, it's more or less what it sounds like - an open air market that opens in the evening and closes at midnight. It's only open in summers. The old night markets were almost underground sort of affairs - a bunch of vendors, half of which didn't even speak english, who all gathered together in an empty lot or area and set up, selling food and other things. Think of it as a little like Canal Street but without the tourists and with a bunch of smaller and more "real" shops.

Well, they've apparently gotten noticed and turned into a bigger, more commercial event, complete with neatly ordered stalls, a map, and corporate sponsors. Bleh. It's still similar to before, but it lost some of its flavor (and gained a bunch of touristas).

Anyways, it was fun, but I have no need to go back if it continues like this.

Richmond Night Market
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