May 12th, 2007


Pizza Minus

Pizza Plus, a local pizza place (and by local, I mean right around the corner from me - from my roof deck I can see the back wall/yard of the place), had a pretty bad fire just a couple of days ago. I was actually on my way to work, walking by the place, when all of the fire trucks and gawkers were surrounding the place and smoke was billowing out. The fire took out not only the pizzeria on the first floor, but also the apartments above it, displacing them to God knows where.

The interesting thing is reading about it from other peoples' perspective:

To be honest, while I feel really bad about the people living upstairs who lost their homes and a lot of their possessions, I'm a little flabbergasted at the reaction to the place. I wonder if it's a bit of revisionist history or if they actually really do consider it a "favorite" place.

My own experience with Pizza Plus has been that the owners are not particularly good neighbors, and that the pizza is really terrible. Even though it's the closest pizza place to us by far, rather than walk the 1/2 block to Pizza Plus we'll regularly walk the 3 1/2 blocks to Smiling Pizza, which is not exactly a shining star in the pizza world, just because PP is so bad. I had been hoping for years that the place would go out of business (or learn how to make a proper pie!), but apparently I'm the only one.

In lighter news, Pythagoras Switch doing the Algorithm March - with ninjas!: