April 12th, 2007


I've been nudged!

tritia just nudged me, I guess I haven't posted for a while... Ok, let's do a 30-second round-up.

1.) Just saw Grindhouse recently. F'ing awesome. Best double-feature, EVER. Also took the kids to see Bridge to Terabithia (sp?) which was surprisingly good and I highly recommend.

2.) Work's been busy, but good. We just launched AsianAve.com - I'll post more about that later. We've got new sites coming out soon, too. GLEE has been doing pretty well - we launched it towards the end of February and it did 450k page views in its first full month (i.e. March), with 50k unique visitors. I believe we're on track to double those numbers in April, although of course it's still very early.

(Edit: whoops, I just checked my archive and February was actually a full month. So February didn't do nearly as much, but March was very healthy and traffic is growing quickly, so that's good.)

3.) The kids are good, overall. A lot I could talk about there, but this is a public post. ;)

4.) Sadly, that's pretty much all I have to talk about (in public). My life's been mostly work and the kids, with a little room for fun squeezed in-between the kids and work. It's good stuff, though - I think I'm more content with the way things are going than I have been for at least a little while, if not a long while.

I'll post a friends-only post in a bit (where "a bit" means "sometime in the next few years") and really update everyone on all of the nitty gritty details (as it were).