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penchantnyc's survey

This survey written by penchantnyc, a fellow food addict. Made me realize how few definite opinions I've formed on food. Had to really think to even come up with these answers.

Penchantnyc's Food Survey

Do you eat out often: As often as I can afford
Favorite restaurant: Depends on the mood. None stand out.
Fav restaurant name: ...
Ideal # of people to eat out with? Less than 5. Small groups == goodness.
Fav meal of the day: Um... dessert? :P
Fav fruit: Strawberry, or banana.
Fav vegetable: broccoli
Fav side dish: ... depends on what else I'm eating. Buttery mashed potatoes are good.
Fav fried food: Chinese dumplings
Fav meat: chicken
Fav ethnic cuisine: probably Chinese, simply because I've seen so much more of it than the others
Fav ethnic dish: (currently) chicken tikka masala (changes frequently)
Fav American food: a nice big cheeseburger
Fav Regional American cuisine: Philly cheese steak maybe?
Fav baked good: croissants I suppose
Fav dessert: tough one... maybe a really good, rich, chocolate ice cream
Fav coffee: none, I don't generally like coffees
Fav tea: chrysanthemum
Fav alcoholic drink: 40 year old port! ;)
Least fav food: squishy, rubbery foods (like some forms of seafood... love fish, though, and crab and lobster)
Least fav cuisine: none yet
A food you refuse to try: can't think of any, although there are a few I refuse to have again having tried them once a long time ago (or as brazenangel would probably insist, garlic and red pepper flakes on my pizza)
A food you hated as a kid and still do: octopus, squid, eel, etc. (too squishy and weird for me)
A food you hated as a kid but like now: can't think of any, I experienced many different foods as a child, and haven't really gotten much more adventurous.. maybe kimchee? I didn't like that at all when I first had it, but now it's not bad.
Do you cook?: Yes
The dish you cook the best: Chinese chicken w/ peppers
Something you would like to learn to cook: thai and Indian style cooking
Something you are afraid to cook: anything that requires more than an hour to clean up
Fav food related webpage: google.com (heh)
Like organic foods? don't care either way
Greenmarkets? Yup, they're fun
Fav city to eat in? NYC, of course.
Something you eat that your friends think is weird or gross: Nothing that I know of
Strangest animal you have eaten: My wife. (*cough*)

(Ok, sorry for the last one, couldn't resist. :P Also, she's definitely the strangest animal I've ever met or even seen for that matter, so...)

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