December 17th, 2006



A side-effect of having a child that spent most of the night vomiting every hour and having my annual plans and budgets due on Monday is that I've spent a lot of time in front of the tv, working or taking care of my son while half-assedly catching up on the shows that I just never seem to have time to watch.

I'm watching SNL tonight and now I remember why I never bother to make time to watch it nowadays - because it's just not funny.  Say whatever you want, but it has become remarkably bland and boring.  This is the best they could do for the Christmas episode?  Sigh.  My soul weeps.

P.S.  I heart Tina Fey.


I say again: being a Giants fan is one of the most difficult things in the world.  Some days it's easier to be a single parent than a Giants fan.  :P

Watching the game today... well, I dunno.  There are no words for how terrible that game was.  The Giants let us down in every phase of the game.  The entire coaching staff needs to be seriously evaluated and in most cases, fired.  Tom Coughlin probably should be out.  Tim Lewis definitely should be out.  Hufnagel also probably ought to go.  I'm sure there are more people who need to leave as well, but that's a good start.  As much as I liked Ernie Accorsi, it may even be good that he's going - a lack of spirit this galling has to come from somewhere, and it's either TC or EA or someone up top, so hell, let's just clean house.

Watching the Giants today was like watching SNL last night.  Someone needs to put both of these groups out of their (and our) misery and start rebuilding.  I'm tired of mediocrity.  I'm willing to suffer through a few years of pain in order to get this team rebuilt right.  Sigh.