September 13th, 2006


Atlantic Yards project, how do I hate thee?

Let me count the ways. Actually, even better, I'll show you - a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

A 3D rendering (using Google Earth, heh) of the proposed project:

Of course, the tan-colored behemoth is the Atlantic Yards projects, and the little gray buildings lost in its shadow are the existing buildings in the neighborhood, shown being starved of light and life by the demonic uprising in their midst.

Other views of the same Google Earth models:

The Environmental Simulation Center's report on the project, including a map and some photo-montage views:

And finally, the homepage for the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods:

I think I can best sum up my feelings thusly:
Fuck you, Ratner. Fuck you very much.


The Big Brothers Big Sisters Race for the Kids is this Saturday! You can help, by running, or even better, donating money to my team. I can't run myself, since I've got things to do with the kids this weekend, but I'll be donating to help the cause.

Think of the children!

Click here to donate to the team - any amount is ok.

Go ahead. No, really. Unless you hate children. And if you do, well, donate anyways, because this money will help give the children the extra attention and care they need to not be the annoying brats that you hate. You were a kid once too!

Donate damnit!