September 11th, 2006


Oh My God

That was painful to watch. The Giants outplayed the Colts in many ways, but ultimately managed to shoot themselves in the foot with mental mistakes: penalties, dropped passes, poor clock management, and lousy passes. So, so bad.

The good:
- The O-line were excellent, as has become usual, even with an injury or two
- The run game was even better than I hoped, with the team averaging more than 7 yards per carry (!)
- Decent defense, especially as the game went on, with a few glaring exceptions
- Solid run defense

The bad:
- Eli's passes were not on the mark, at all
- Multiple dropped passes
- Multiple dropped interceptions (!)
- Eli's bad decision to try to hand off to Tiki when he wasn't where he was expecting
- Multiple stupid penalties
- Shockey's completely boneheaded decision to run back in during their last-ditch attempt to score
- Feeley's kicking
- The general lack of pass rushing

Overall, the Giants squandered more opportunities than most teams ever get, and instead of having a nice, neat victory to ride into week two, they had a disheartening, depressing loss that everyone knows they should have won. Eli is showing continued questionable judgment and poor accuracy, which are not good qualities in your quarterback. The pass rushing was a big disappointment - with Strahan, Umenyora, Tuck, and Kiwanuka all seeing playing time, and not one of them really managing anything substantial, well, you have to be disappointed. When the only sack of the game comes from Robbins, of all people, you know something's a bit off. And those three missed interceptions (not to mention a couple of tipped passes that could theoretically also have been interceptions) really hurt.

All in all, what had the potential to be a great game (and was looking like one at first) turned into a major disappointment and a terrible note to start the season with. Here's to hoping this is the shock to the system that the Giants need to start playing like a Superbowl team instead of a wildcard team.

Things and stuff

I know I should write about the topic lingering in the air, the elephant in the room, all that good stuff. But whatever, for the first time in a while today just feels like a day.

I saw Elijah Wood on the way home tonight. It's sort of funny, across the street I didn't recognize him, and I was walking across the street and checking out his girlfriend (judging by the way they were holding hands) and almost bumped into him when I realized who it was. She was taller than he was. Short hair, but cute. (Her, not him. He had short hair and looks mildly disturbing, the same way he, well, pretty much always does.) He looked just like he looked in Eternal Sunshine.

In other barely exciting news, my patience has finally paid off - the Mac Mini has just been upgraded, and the new low-end model is now as fast as the old high-end model - and $200 cheaper than it was when it came out. That plus Amazon's free shipping, lack of taxes, and $25 rebate means that I can get me a new Intel Core Duo 1.66 powered machine for only $575. Not bad. (Of course, another question is whether they've modified it in any way to make it harder to install Linux on it - I doubt it, but you never know with Apple.) Compared to the Shuttle PC X100 I've been considering, and it's actually a steal. ($868 for the 1.66 Core Duo vs. $575. I'd rather get the Shuttle, but not at that price differential.) The biggest problem? It's supposedly not due to be available on until November (!!!). It's actually tempting to get it direct for the first time ever.

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