August 29th, 2006


ecard spam?

Got an email from "Jennifer" from 123Greetings, about an ecard. Ok, I'll bite.

Here's what it said:

"Hi Nick,

[Text in the flash part: "Jus' thankin' HEAVEN for a wonderful friend like U!"]

Thank you very much for the wonderful jacket. You really shouldn't have spent so much. But I am touched by your concern for me to get "moving" and your intention to encourage me.
Your good concern and purposeful intention are priceless! I really have to try harder!

God bless!

In Christ,

So what I'm debating is, was this just a really random piece of spam, or did someone perhaps mis-send this? There are indeed other Nicholas Tang's out there, anywhere from a student (in Singapore, I think), to a professor, to a murderer (I think it was more of a heat of the moment thing, there was some fighting and a shotgun involved, but you can google the court papers yourself), and you know, this thank you could have been meant for one of them.

Pretty sweet.

P.S. Jennifer, if you read this, that wasn't a hint and I wasn't encouraging you. You better get the fuck out before the first of the month or I'm calling the cops. And I want my CD's back. kthxbye.