August 26th, 2006



Ah, the first bits of Vox are dribbling over into LJ. How? Well... styles!

For the first time in a long time I'm trying a new style out; I really wish I had more freedom to take bits of style A and style B and put them together without knowing how to code in S2, but... I don't. (I'd also like to be able to customize some things in there... like I want more space before the title of each post, so it stands out more from the one before it.) So anyways, here it is, check it out:

css help...?

Anyone with a clue about css? I'd like to reformat some of the stuff in this style, but I'm not entirely sure how.

So I figured out how to add some spacing in front of the subject, I added this to my "custom css" setting:

.page-header2 {
font-size: 18px;
margin-top: 3em;
font-weight: bold;

But there are a few other things I'm trying to figure out and I haven't been able to... maybe I'm just overtired, but the fact that I don't really know css isn't helping. So, in no particular order:

- I'd like to make the text for the "Leave a comment | Add..." line non-bold. It stands out too much.
- I don't want the date to be indented. Actually, I'd like it to be right-aligned on the same line as the subject, but just removing the indent would be good enough for now.
- I'd like an hr or something similar (dotted line would be cool) above each subject (or below each post body) so that you can more easily see where each entry begins/ ends. (See the dotted lines between the blocks in the sidebar? Something like that.)
- An alternative to the dotted lines would be to enclose each entry in its own box with a slightly lighter shade than the background, so you can tell each entry apart. I think I actually prefer this, but I have to imagine that'd be harder.
- I'd like more horizontal padding space around images, so the text doesn't run up into it.
- I don't want links to be in that obnoxious orange color. Ideally they'd be the same color as the text, or at least closer to it, but still underlined and bold. (I want the links to stand out, but not to blind people.)

And finally:
- I'd like to know how to figure this stuff out for next time. :P I can probably do it myself with just a few examples (like the ones above ;) ), but right now, no idea.