July 11th, 2006

Rock out

Couching Taimak, Striking Eagle

Photo_071006_006Last night I went to the Crime Scene bar with Leah and a Meetup group, where we watched The Last Dragon, starring (of course!) Taimak. Ok, whatever.

But what made it really cool was that Taimak himself came out and did a (very generous!) Q&A session for at least 20 minutes, showed off some moves, took photos with all of us, and autographed copies of the DVD (they gave away 10 that night). I only brought my treo (boo), but fortunately it takes both photos and videos, so I've got some of each to show off!

Here's the photo set:

Here's a short video of him doing some kicks (in a suit - and at the age of 42 - no less!):

Here's a slightly longer video of him during the Q&A session: