March 18th, 2006


Chowhound bought!

I missed this earlier - Chowhound was bought by CNet!

Here's an interview on Professor Salt about it:

Not sure how I feel about this, yet - it could help greatly, there are a lot of technical problems w/ the existing CH site. However, I'd also argue that a lot of the quality of the discussions and such probably are at least partly because of those same technical problems! Make it too accessible, too easy, too database-driven, and I'd bet it'll lose a lot of what makes it a worthwhile resource. Interesting problem to have. In all honesty, better search is really the only change that I think the site *needs* - every change past that runs the risk of fundamentally changing the way people use the site, which could be good or bad.
You're fired!


On Brooklyn Citysearch, the "5 to Try" article on Hot and Spicy Dishes recommends these restaurants:

Brawta Caribbean Cafe


In other news, none of the "Best of Citysearch: Brooklyn Nightlife: After-Work Bar" top-10 winners are actually in Brooklyn.

Now, I get that Brooklyn doesn't have the same audience or reach as "New York City", but why pretend if you're not actually going to make it about Brooklyn? Just fold it into New York Citysearch and let it go.