March 15th, 2006

You're fired!


The latest antisocial networking site is Snubster, where you list things and people that are on notice, or that are dead to you (inspired by the Colbert Report). My profile is here:

(Just created an account to test, haven't really gotten going yet.)

It's not quite as feature rich as Isolatr, but it has potential.
You're fired!

You're not a REAL racist...

“When you’re in fringe politics, you tend to attract a lot of, I don’t know, misfits, people with problems, and they latch onto the movement as a source of strength,”
-- Erich Gliebe, neo-Nazi leader

"[Yeah], A lot of people get into racism for the wrong reasons."
-- Former Playboy playmate Erika Snyder, his wife

I just hate all of these kids that are getting into white supremacy because it's the cool thing to do. Just say no, kids! *cough*

Found in The Plank: