March 8th, 2006

Rock out

MiGente Beta launches!

So - a rare public work-post. Woohoo! We finally launched the beta for the new, and so far, it's met with very positive reviews. Users generally seem to like it, and not entirely surprisingly - while we had a... sub-optimal re-launch from*, we learned our lessons and took our time with MG, not only fixing all of the major concerns from the AA launch but continuing to add more on top of it. (It's all been backported to AA already, if you're curious.)

Any existing MG users can check out the new site by logging in here:

Anyone else who's curious can check out the site (as a guest only) here:

I'm pretty happy with it, overall. Nothing's ever perfect, but we did a much better job of launching MG (even though it's still in beta) than we did with AA, and I think it shows. It's much cleaner, the experience is much smoother, and user reaction has been much more positive. (I'd even go so far as to say that part of that is because we introduced it as a beta rather than as a flash-cut site relaunch, but that'd be like saying "I told you so", and I try to be gracious on occasion. ;) ) Overall, I think that we can make the MG relaunch a genuine success, and I think that'll just lead to more momentum for the BP relaunch.

Honestly? I'm really excited about relaunching BP; it's the final culmination of everything we've worked for over the past couple of years, and it's something I'm dying to see. We have a decent product now, but it's improving by leaps and bounds nowadays - we're introducing new features faster than any of our major competitors, thanks to our completely revamped code and physical infrastructure.

* - The most honest way to describe it is thusly: we blew it, big time. We relaunched AA before the site was ready, and even worse, we relaunched before our users were ready. Traffic plummeted as a result. The upside? We learned from our mistakes, and not only was the MG beta launch received quite well by our users, but AA traffic is once again on the rise. Shazam!