December 5th, 2005


G-Men send the 'Boys packing...

Giant's D steps upThe Giants beat the Cowboys today, and I was there to see it. Booyah. (It was cold as #$%#$^@$^, though, my fingers and toes were going numb, but man, was it worth it. Difficult last 29 minutes to watch, but the first 31 were excellent. My throat hurts and I'm losing my voice from all of the yelling. GO GIANTS!)

There are plenty of write-ups online, but I'll say this: 31 minutes into the game, the Giants were up 17-0, and there was no question they were dominating. They slipped up in the 2nd half, and Manning still has a lot of issues (as does Burress, if you ask me), but they're slowly getting it together. The defense had an excellent game today, they really made all of the difference (and scored 7 of the 17 points).
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