October 17th, 2005

crushing your head

Bird on my pillow

No, the subject is not some sort of euphemism; this is no tired avian version of a monkey on my back or anything.

I woke up to my alarm blaring, hit snooze, and closed my eyes again. 15 minutes later, when the alarm went off again, I woke up with a groan and went outside to check on the kids. After giving them their good morning hugs and kisses, I walked back into my room, intending to close my eyes for a few minutes and see just how close I could shave the whole getting-into-work thing, but when I climbed onto my bed, I was greeted with a bird on my pillow.


Maybe you didn't hear me.

I said there was a BIRD on my PILLOW.


You see, my window was open, but at an angle - it swings open, it doesn't slide open. I guess sometime in the 10 minutes I was out of my room, the bird must've flown into my window, and dropped onto my pillow, stunned. (I was pretty stunned, too.)

I walked out of my room and asked for a box, in a bit of a daze. He wanted to know what size box? What shape? I said I NEED a BOX. I grabbed the first one I could find, and put the bird in the box, then took it out and showed my dad and the kids. They were a little stunned, too. Of course, not that stunned - the first thing the kids asked was "Can we keep it?".

Anyways. Yeah. There was a BIRD on my PILLOW.

That's so weird.

Here's the window in question:

(I use a box to prop it open, in case you were wondering.)



I'm too tired for this.
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Bird in my kitchen

Ok, you remember the bird?

You know.


Well, I went out to check on it before hopping in the shower, and I looked in the box. It wasn't in there. Wait, what? Yes, you heard me, it was not in there.

I turns out it's a little more agile than we expected, and it was able to make it through the little holes on the top of the box. Wow. While looking at the box, stunned, I heard a chirp from above me.

Oh no.

I can now say I have, personally, caught a bird. With my bare hands and a Pathmark plastic shopping bag.



I snuck up behind it (and below it, since it had perched on the pot hanger that's hanging from my kitchen ceiling), and slowly brought the bag around to its front - so when it tried to fly away, it flew into the bag. It took me a few tries, but it seemed to like that spot as it came back to it twice. But, like they say, third time's the charm.

(Obviously, the bird was feeling a bit off from its ordeal, because while I can occasionally show signs of possessing some rudimentary level of agility, generally, things like catching birds with my bare hands don't fall into the category of "things I can do". Either that, or I was having a very samurai moment*.)

So, my answers for that "10 things I've done that most other people haven't" meme? Well, I know what one of them will be.

* - This moment is recreated in the third movie in the Samurai trilogy, starring the amazing Toshiro Mifune. Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0780021061/002-6327156-9580068?v=glance
Exact likeness


Ok, it got out again. This bird is officially too healthy to be left inside.

Bird on ceiling fan. (Yes, I need to dust my ceiling fan.)

Which is why, after I caught the bird with my hands for the second time, we just released it on the roof, to fly free. (Initially I had thought it was dead, or at least hurt, and figured we'd need to nurse it back to health. Apparently it really was just stunned.)


Here's the movie of the event: The Bird (13 megs). Not exactly Alfred Hitchcock, but y'know, I bet that fatty never caught a bird with his bare hands and a plastic shopping bag.
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