September 25th, 2005


Food porn

I've been busy working today - cooking and working on my quarterly plan for work.

Here's a sneak preview of tonight's dinner: beef brisket, slow smoked over hickory, and home-made cornbread.

Cornbread closeup
Homemade cornbread, with whole kernels of corn, bits of bacon, and chopped jalapeño peppers. Mmm mmm good.

The smoking setup - left
My improvised "smoker". Meat goes on the right, over a drip-pan. Heat comes from water-soaked hickory and coals, on the left. That provides indirect heat and lots of smoke. Cover goes on top, the heat is kept at around 200 degrees, and the meat is smoked until it hits an internal temperature between 165-185 depending on how well done people like it. I'm shooting for 175 - should be about 2 hours of smoking per pound. It requires constant supervision - at least once an hour, preferably twice an hour. The final result, though, is mind-blowing.
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