July 23rd, 2005

god DAMNIT I'm pissed


For some reason, this one muscle (or muscle group or whatever) in my back is killing me, and has been ever since yesterday morning. I don't know what I did - slept wrong, pulled it somehow, what - but it's a real bitch, and it's in the perfect spot (lower right, but not too low or too far right, sort of under my right shoulder blade) to be able to hurt from almost any motion I make (and it's been taking advantage of that).

I "self-medicated" last night with some tylenol and some booze, laid on the floor for a bit and did some stretches, and it made it ease up enough so I could get to sleep, but now it's hurting again this morning, like a mofo. Damnit... I wish I knew what I did, at least, not that it'd make a difference, I guess. But at least I could try to avoid doing it again. :P

Ah well...
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