July 13th, 2005


I love the 80's

I love a good AIM convo...

(10:16:46) ebess: why the fudge do all of my work notebooks keep ending up at HOME?!
(10:16:52) ebess: I should just grab a pad of paper.
(10:21:04) me: You should! :)
(10:21:42) me: Maybe you need a trapper keeper, with looseleaf, so you can just transfer pages back and forth between your home trapper and your work trapper. And then you can use markers and draw on it and put stickers on and tape pictures of kirk cameron to it...
(10:22:19) ebess: Okay, that made me laugh.
(10:22:26) ebess: Do they still even have Trapper Keepers any more?
(10:22:39) me: I dunno, but they must.
(10:22:57) me: http://www.mogahwi.com.kw/product_info.php?currency=USD&products_id=8915
(10:22:57) me: BAM!
(10:23:21) ebess: http://search.ebay.com/trapper-keeper_W0QQfkrZ1QQfromZR8
(10:23:48) ebess: Apparently, they fall under "militaria" at ebay
(10:24:13) me: Heh, nice.
(10:24:16) ebess: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5597600421&category=3142&ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1
(10:24:18) ebess: that's hardcore
(10:24:42) me: Wow, what is this, a modern remix of the classic trapper?
(10:24:49) me: cell phone loop?!
(10:25:33) me: Man, I remember those trapper keepers... they were the best. And you couldn't get one that wasn't absolutely butt-ugly. Maybe that's why everyone drew all over theirs and plastered them with stickers.
(10:29:16) ebess: I had a huge unicorn on one of mine
(10:29:58) me: Ah... I think if I recall mine was a semi-generic, semi-abstract space type of scene
(10:30:01) me: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5596660678&category=88433&ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1
(10:30:15) me: Similar to that, but not exactly the same, but the sort of "this isn't really a picture of anything, we just threw random shit on here" look.
(10:30:16) ebess: you had that?!
(10:30:20) ebess: Ah
(10:30:26) ebess: I wonder if I could find mine
(10:30:40) me: I also had another that was just a generic blue with white lines pattern, too.
(10:30:40) ebess: http://search.ebay.com/unicorn-trapper-keeper_W0QQfromZR40QQsojsZ1
(10:30:41) ebess: shite
(10:30:51) me: DAMN THE MAN!
(10:32:46) ebess: this tricked out new Trapper Keeper is actually kind of tempting
(10:32:52) ebess: god, I can be such an impulse buyer
(10:33:07) ebess: good thing it's, like, office supplies, and not, like, Gwen Stefani cameras. :)
(10:34:22) ebess: all the same, you know it's bad when you're looking wistfully at used Trapper Keepers on ebay
(10:37:49) ebess: oh my gosh
(10:37:55) ebess: I betchoo anything that this was it:
(10:37:55) ebess: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=3142&item=5560137895&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
(10:38:01) ebess: the picture is gone -- BAH
(10:39:15) me: hehe
(10:41:27) ebess: Lisa Frank, man...
(10:47:06) me: AAIGGHHH
(10:47:08) me: anime eyes
(10:47:52) me: Her new stuff is crazy
(10:48:04) me: But I do remember her old 80's stuff, that was much better (although a bit heavy on the colors)
(10:48:28) ebess: she's still around?
(10:48:36) ebess: man, I gotta get with it!
(10:49:00) me: It's a magical brick wall! And every fucking brick is a different color of the rainbow! And there are multicolored bears flying in front of it! And rainbow puppies dancing in rainbow puddles! And more random splotches of color! Yeah!
(10:49:19) me: I've never taken acid or any real drugs, but it's a bit how I imagine it'd be.
(10:49:22) ebess: oh my
(10:49:23) ebess: http://www.lisafrank.com/
(10:49:25) me: I kow
(10:49:26) me: er know
(10:49:28) me: That's what I mean
(10:49:32) me: She's gone all anime dolls
(10:49:43) ebess: Ok. I was a Lisa Frank fan when I was a girl.
(10:49:44) me: The eyes... the eyes... they won't stop looking at me!
(10:50:09) me: Heh, I think I even had some stickers she designed, I mean, she was ubiquitous. But remembering some of the stuff, it makes me laugh a bit.
(10:50:22) me: It was like her artwork wasn't complete until she had used every color in her palette, at least 8 times.
(10:50:43) ebess: but it was ultra-hardcore-girly
(10:50:47) me: Yeah, I know.
(10:50:49) ebess: that's why I clung to it
(10:51:00) ebess: I was like, "I'm a girl! Not a boy! See my stickers?!?!"
(10:51:05) me: lol
(10:51:10) me: Just in case there were doubts
(10:51:34) me: http://www.kathysfastfoodtoys.com/images/AB_00_Walmart.jpg
(10:54:04) ebess: yeah
(10:54:05) ebess: that's the stuff
(10:54:17) ebess: i kind of dig that last one
(10:54:23) ebess: two kittens in a shoe
(10:54:25) ebess: pretty sweet
(10:54:27) me: Heh
(10:54:31) me: Looks almost liek a converse
(10:54:44) me: We're going hardcore on the 80's references

Clear Channel: racism is A-OK in our book!

Some of you may remember when I "broke the news" in here a while back about the Tsunami song, the clearly racist song on Hot 97 that eventually ended up getting the entire crew responsible fired. Well, there's another chapter in this tale, and this time someone beat me to the punch. Without further ado...

Clear Channel's Kim Bryant Defends Racism

"Rick Delgado, the producer who was fired from Hot 97 for his role in their infamous anti-Asian/anti-African/anti-human Tsunami Song, is now producer of KYLD's morning show in San Francisco."


You can follow the link to read the rest, but do you really need to read any more? Well, actually, yes. After you finish reading that, one of the comments refers to this article:

'Tsunami Song' producer to start Bay Area morning show Monday on Wild 94.9

"In a surprising interview, Delgado said he thinks he was misinterpreted and wrote a song that was only in bad taste, but not racist, even though it used an epithet for Chinese people. He said he won't do that again, 'because I like their food and want to eat in their restaurants.'"

That's right, folks, Delgado has seen the light - because he'd hate to lose out on all that General Tso's chicken. Sigh.

(Alerted to this by lilhlfpint.)