June 29th, 2005



So tonight stacyinthecity and her husband Rey and I got dinner at Grilled Cheese NYC and then went to The Living Room, where we caught a performance of Norah Jones and The Little Willies, a side project she's working on, doing (classic) country music. They were originally formed as a Willie Nelson cover band, but at this point they do all kinds of country covers. The Living Room is a relatively small space - normally, seats maybe 50 or 60. We got seats right up front, since we actually knew who The Little Willies are. They didn't put Norah's name anywhere, it was a bit of a "secret" performance, but we had heard about it last week (when I had spotted Norah at The Living Room) and so made sure to go check it out.

Anyways. We were joined by nemesisbecoming and ozzdo, but both had to go home early, so only the original three of us managed to hold out all night. They went on around 12:15, and played until almost 2:30 in the morning - it was awesome. (There was a brief 15 minute rest period for the band, but otherwise it was essentially uninterrupted.)

I tried to make some phone posts:

But they obviously didn't come out too well. Damn treo and its lousy microphone and damn modern cellphones with their voice optimizations. Why don't they optimize for music? (Joke.)

Anyways, I got some pics of the performance, like this one:

But really, you just want to see the money shot, right? I don't know why, but I elected not to have my picture taken with her - but I did take Stacy and Rey's picture with her:

And there you go.

Oh, and before that, I went to the newyorkers meet, but I'm too tired to bother posting about that now.