June 12th, 2005


Photos up

Photos from the weekend are up on my Flickr now.

There are some random ones up there, like from the Pride Parade last night*, as well as the expected sets from MoCCA and BABBP3. Technically, the weekend's not over, but I suspect that's all I'll be photographing this weekend, anyways.

And now, to hit the bike and get in a few laps in the park before the weather goes to hell.

* - It goes up 7th Avenue, right near my house. This year, like last year, I had no idea it was going on until I heard the cheering and shouts and decided to go investigate. At first I thought maybe it was a local offshoot of the PR Day Parade, but then I saw the rainbows and such, and thought, hmmm. Maybe not so much about PR Day.