June 8th, 2005



It's a good thing I went to New Orleans... last night we had to shut the AC off due to the compressor being broken and leaking and flooding the basement, and so the temperature has been slowly rising in here. It's around 83 in here, according to the thermostat, which is great since it's apparently only 72 outside.

My biggest concern right now is not with comfort, though, but with the computers - this is the sort of temperature at which they start getting very unhappy. My desktop's CPU is currently at 67 C, which is 152 F, which is ok, but once it hits the 70's it starts getting unhappy and actually my computer has an auto shutdown feature (which oddly I haven't been able to figure out how to turn off... could just be because I haven't looked too hard...). But that's my desktop, fine, no big deal. My servers outside, though, do NOT have any auto-shutdown, so they'll just run until they burn. With it due to hit 90 degrees today, that might just happen.

One thing I did discover a couple of days ago, though, is that my video card was running very hot... it's got built-in "overdrive", which is essentially auto-over-clocking, and naturally when it would overclock itself it'd run hot, and next thing I know my desktop is overheating. Amazingly, I shut that off, and no more alarms or shutdowns since then. Still, that was when I was keeping the temp in the 70's in the apartment, so dunno how much longer that'll last.

Ah well. We'll see. I actually managed to get some sleep tonight despite that, which I'm willing to bet being in NOLA helped - it's amazing how a few days in humid 90+ degree weather makes NYC weather seem mild. Of course, I've been having trouble sleeping for other reasons, but I won't get into that right now.
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