June 5th, 2005


Back home.

I just got back home. There's... there's just so much to write about, I honestly don't even know where to begin. It was a very eventful weekend, and I am thoroughly exhausted in more ways than one. I had a really good weekend overall, but right now I feel about ready to just collapse.

If I'm up to it, I'll write more later. If, equally likely, I am not, I won't.

Week in review: ultra quickie

I'm too tired and have too much on my mind to give a real post or do anything much right now, but I'll give a quick summary so you all have something to whet your appetite. :P

Tuesday: flew into New Orleans. Went to the Hilton, checked into the conference, attended the opening ceremony/party thing. Afterwards, went out to dinner at Brennan's with a few other people.

Wednesday: at the conference from 7:30 am - 5:30 pm. Long day. After that, "Casino Night", hosted by HP, with a free open bar and lots of food, most of which is decent. Around 11 pm, once Casino Night was over, went for a walk through New Orleans for about an hour with spot, then bed.

Thursday: at the conference from 8 am - 5:30 pm. Joanna arrives post-conference. IBM hosts the final conference party at Generations Hall, where they hire two bands, a fire spinner, a fire eater, and have all sorts of free food in this really amazing space. The free alcohol, however, was watered down and pretty disappointing. After the party, we follow a bunch of people (see: Tuesday) down Bourbon Street, where we sit and listen to jazz and drink. Bourbon Street is 10x as touristy as Times Square, but has the advantage (and disadvantage) of allowing people to walk around with drinks in-hand.

Friday: conference, 8 am - noon. Meet Joanna after, wander the French Quarter, get drunk (I took advantage of the New Orleans law to walk around with two drinks in hand simultaneously (one Maker's and coke, one hurricane), because it's never worth doing something unless you're going to do it right). Some chaos ensues (see earlier comment re: drunk), there is much running around. We wander down to the Marigny neighborhood late that afternoon, where we meet a descendant of Degas (yes, that Degas) who shows us around his house, and check into a charming bed and breakfast. Late lunch at the St. Roch's Fish Market - both cheap and really yummy. Check out of the Hilton, where we pay no early check-out fee thanks to a combination of real-life excuses and some fast talking. Dinner at Marisol's, which was wonderful, then bed.

Saturday: more running around, in part to attempt to clear up the happenings of the previous day. We take a streetcar trip to the Garden District, buy clothes, photograph cemeteries, and eat lunch at Commander's Palace. More wandering around the city. Hanging out by the pool, getting drunk and swimming and sunning ourselves with the other residents of the B&B. I begin to develop some color on places other than my face and arms. Dinner at... a restaurant whose name escapes me at the beginning. I go out alone and take a late night walk, lost in thought, and get lost in real life too, in the not-so-nice part of New Orleans for over an hour. Finally make it back after midnight, having now traversed pretty much every street I was warned not to go down by locals - during the day. (They look much worse at midnight.) Bed.

Sunday: after packing and prep, relaxing by the pool with the other B&B residents. Flight to Philly. Lunch in Philly with my cousin and her fiance. Flight from Philly to NYC. Home. Tired.

There are obviously a lot of details missing, not to mention a lot of photos missing. They'll come in time.
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