April 27th, 2005

barney photo

Last night

After work last night went to a last-minute gallery opening at Pratt. Why? Well, because djstorm was one of the models.

The show was (is) called Artifice, and was a series of 9 (right?) photos with an interesting sort of... twist. Well, anyways, here's a couple'a photos that might illustrate what I mean:

Storm and Storm - Portrait

The photos were pretty good, but there was no cheese and wine! And they called it an opening... pfft. ;)

Anyways, I'm officially out of energy, so I'm out. G'nite everyone.
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Exact likeness

Ok, one last post before bed...

Just got my horoscope for April 27th:

Today you will likely find yourself looking very much forward to the future, %. As you do this, however, take a moment to look back on the many successes in your life, and pause for a moment of silent gratitude, introspectively marveling at all that has brought you here. Then dare to dream of the adventures to come. Think big and dig deep to make it happen.

Too true. I'm kind of annoyed, though - I only let my really close friends call me %.
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