April 19th, 2005


Catholic Crusaders announce draft pick: Benedict XVI

Well, the white smoke has risen, signifying that the new pope was chosen... and he's apparently a hard-line conservative German and a former member of the Hitler Youth.


Anyone want to take bets on how long until the Catholic Church is rent asunder by having him at the wheel? Not like the organization was having its best day before he took over. It'll be interesting to see how much he's willing to compromise, but with a nickname like “God’s rottweiler" (or “the enforcer”, or “the panzer cardinal”), I'm not holding my breath.



(Yes, I know I'm going to Hell for this. Or I would, if I was a frickin' Catholic. Fortunately, I'm not! Article link stolen from a friend of nemesisbecoming. Don't remember where.)

One great quote: One liberal theologian,when asked what he thought of a Ratzinger papacy, was more direct: “It fills me with horror.” Oh yeah.

Episcopal Bishop Frank Griswold, on the pope

"Along with many others, both within and beyond the Roman Catholic Church, I offer my prayers for Pope Benedict XVI as he takes up the august responsibility of his office. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide him in his words and his actions and that he may become a focus of unity and a minister of reconciliation in a church and a world in which faithfulness and truth wear many faces."
-- Bishop Frank Griswold, presiding bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Church

(Stolen from here.)