April 17th, 2005


One clean mofo

And... done!

Ok, ok, I'm not actually done. But I did just accomplish a huge amount of cleanup and reorganization in my room. It wasn't all necessarily stuff that shows in obvious, visible ways, but trust me when I say things are much, much better now. For instance, I had a stack of old bills going back to November 2004 that had all been paid and then just, well, dumped in a pile. So I sorted them and filed them away by month, so now I can pull 'em up when I need them - or even better, not. But while it took a while and only ended up cleaning off a corner of my desk, it was a decent amount of work and did lead to some nice improvements.

I even took pics! (I, uh, found my camera while cleaning. If anyone was wondering why I had stopped taking pics... well... yeah.)
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There's a bunch more stuff, but that's all I took pics of. I'm getting pretty tired, so I'm going to wrap it up, wind down, clean myself up, etc. W00t! Most productive day I've had at home for months, if not longer.

Update: More pics! The trash bags I filled up, and the 2 bags of clothing I'm going to be donating. (i.e. proof I actually did stuff!)
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End of the line for Arrested Development?

From everything I've heard, it sounds like tonight's Arrested Development may be the last one ever. If so, that's really disappointing - it was one of the best shows on TV. I'm buying the DVD set of the first season, and for anyone who likes the show and can afford to drop $30, I'd recommend it - DVD sales are probably the best way to keep it going, since even if the show doesn't do well ratings-wise, if it generates enough DVD sales, they'll sometimes continue them for that reason alone. Here's hoping, anyways. At the very least, it can't hurt to support the show and vote with your dollars. Well, it can hurt your wallet. But you know what I mean...!

(I shouldn't post before I'm really awake, huh?)

Update: Join the club and sign the petition here: http://www.getarrested.com/ AND buy the DVD, I mean. ;)
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