April 12th, 2005


Best night of TV

I hereby venture that Tuesday just may be the best night of TV all week. I won't argue there are brilliant shows on other days, but Tuesday, man, Tuesday - with a double-header of Scrubs and then Blind Justice on, it's really hard to beat that.

Tonight's Scrubs were brilliant - the high point being, of course, when JD was at a bar and was SET ON FIRE. That scene was hilarious on its own, but considering our own encounters with people being set on fire, it just made it perfect. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at that one. Both of them, though, were really good. I love Scrubs.

And then, Blind Justice - the show started off ok, not great, but has gotten better every week. The characters are getting more fleshed out, the relationships are being explored, the tensions out there... and the lead, I swear to God, he is a dead ringer for Matt Murdock. Regardless, though, the more I see the show, the more I like it. Even better, unlike most cop shows out there, they don't always necessarily need to have the nice, neat ending - last week they ended the show before they even finished the case, and it was ok, because the case was just the narrative thread that they strung the rest of it on, and they got it done without the case being done. That alone is some ballsy television (which probably says more for the sad state of television nowadays than it does for the quality of the show, but...). While it's obviously only able to tackle so much in an hour, I really have been impressed how they've dealt with it - the tensions at work, the tensions between him and his wife, the internal tensions he faces... in tonight's episode he had his last required visit with the shrink, which was interesting. I thought the visits with the shrink were going to be regular, but maybe now that they've gotten this far they feel they can explore it without the "Cliff's Notes" that his visits with the shrink provided. Maybe they'll even let the audience figure out some of his feelings and his conflicts on our own! That's crazy talk, I know. But I will admit I enjoyed the segments with the shrink, they were actually done well and quite enjoyable. We'll see.

Oh, and then there was the Office. It was slightly better this week than last, and slightly better last week than the week before. But that still makes it barely passable, in my opinion, and while it's theoretically headed in the right direction, they're running out of time. Next week they've got their basketball league, and if they can't pull that one off, then I'm going to start wondering if maybe the show isn't hopeless. Ah well. Must keep the faith! If they could pull that show together, then this would be the undisputed champion of network television nights. For whatever that's worth.