April 7th, 2005



While I personally feel that this vote is pointless since nemesisbecoming clearly won the last round, the maintainer is holding another round of voting (my guess: he doesn't want to be hated by the community for his choice, so he feels the need to justify it by "proving" everyone wants nem to win, despite him repeatedly saying that he'd choose whoever he felt like choosing regardless of the results... so this way, if the vote backs him up, he can rest easy and point to it and say, hey, just doing what people wanted... but that's just my guess...).

So please, if you can, GO VOTE!


Vote early, vote often! Let's put this matter to rest once and for all.

My horoscope

Today you could find yourself in a meeting where people are uninformed about the topics in front of them, NICHOLAS. You might have more knowledge and experience in the area being discussed, so speak up and share your point of view. Sometimes you are too modest about your abilities and too humble about your background. You need to make a move and shake people up a little so that they start appreciating your skills more.

Wha... ... ...uh?