April 5th, 2005


The Starbucks Delocator

Cute site, it's basically a search engine to find alternatives to Starbucks. You pop in your zip code, it gives you the list of local coffee places. To be fair, it also lists the local Starbucks. It's called the "Delocator", not the "Starbucks Delocator", technically, because they were afraid of a lawsuit. So there's apparently an ongoing effort to help link to it to give it a boost in Google so it'll show up when you search for Starbucks. I'm all for providing local alternatives to Starbucks, so here you go:

The Starbucks Delocator: http://delocator.net/

Found in nyc_cuisine here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/nyc_cuisine/176977.html .
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