April 4th, 2005


Bang bang

Apparently there's more than an outside chance that when the pope dies, they actually check to see if they're really dead by hitting them on the head three times with a silver hammer:

First, they call the pope's name three times, and if they fail to respond, then they whack them with the hammer and smash their pope ring. There's a lot of debate over the head-whacking part, as it may just be a myth, but several sources point to it at least having been a genuine ritual at one point, possibly as late as the 1960's. It wouldn't be all that surprising, considering how many people were proclaimed to be dead in the old days (a lot older than the 60's :P ) when they weren't really dead ("I feel fine...!"). But you have to admit, the imagery is at least a little amusing.


Running Route Today I went for a run when I got home from work. It felt good. I've lost some of my endurance and speed, but not as much as I expected. It took me around 36 minutes to run the track in Prospect Park - a little over 3 miles. That's not a terrible time at all, and honestly, better than I anticipated. Guess the winter didn't take as much out of me as I thought, although it could just be that I was so glad to be outside after the long, cold, dark, depressing winter that it added a little pep to my step.

Anyways, thanks to Google Maps' Satellite view, here's a satellite picture of my path! I highlighted it in red. Click the pic to see it full-size.
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