March 31st, 2005



Very interesting set of psychological tests online here:

Basically, they test word association, which apparently can show unconscious biases. It sounds simple, but there's actually a lot of interesting stuff behind it. The main site, of course, is here:

So here's an interesting thing for those of you willing to step out on a limb... take the racial test (black vs. white). It's on the "selectatest" page I linked to above. It requires around 5-10 minutes of mostly uninterrupted, undisturbed time. Post your results in the comments. I'll post mine once a few other people have posted theirs (I've already taken it, but I don't want to influence anyone). Go ahead...! I dare you.

In return, if you want, I'll take any of the tests you ask and post the results, no matter how they turn out. How's that?

Update: Take the test a couple of times, if you can - people on my f-list seem to be getting variable results and I'm wondering if the test is that flawed, despite what they and the source I got it from report as consistent trends, or if you guys are just weird. Probably a little of both.
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Terri is finally dead

Thank God, we can all move the fuck on with our lives. I feel for her parents - I really, really do. But I also am so glad this private tragedy can now get away from our very public media and government, and back into private where it belongs. Finally, they can all shut the hell up.

Never thought I'd be happy to see an innocent person die. But hey! Three cheers for death!

google news is tracking it here...

I think I'm dying...

Apparently the lunch I got had the slow-acting, time-release hot sauce on it. While eating the food (thai food, absolutely dripping with the hot oil) I was really surprised at how not hot it seemed, despite the hot oil. So I ate it. And it was pretty good, albeit a bit oily.

Anyways, after eating it, I now feel... well, the back of my head/neck/shoulders feels achy and burny, as if I had just put tiger balm on them or something. Seriously. My tongue? Not hot at all. My belly? A little warm. The back of my neck? Aching, and burning.

What the fuck is this? I've never had this feeling from spicy food before. I think I'm dying or something. Maybe I'm having a heart attack from all of the oil. Jesus. I need some tylenol or something.