March 28th, 2005



I was thinking earlier, y'know, I'm a really lucky guy. I've got a great girl, two great sons and a great family (when I don't want to kill them), a good job, great friends, hell, even my apartment is great and the neighborhood and city I live in are great, too. It's all fucking great.

But then it occurred to me.

I don't have great luck. I don't think you could even necessarily say I have good luck. I've been screwed this way and that, had all sorts of things go wrong, have the people I trusted most betray my trust, been fucked legally and financially and in every other way you could imagine. I've worked my ass off for everything I have, and you know what? I've earned it, because I kick some fucking ass. I've beaten every challenge thrown my way. And I'll keep on doing it. Bitches.

Happy fucking Easter. I rule.