March 23rd, 2005


The problem with associating myself with the Democrats... that so many Democrats are fucking pussies.

I love the idea of being a Democrat - of being a good guy. But so many in the Democratic leadership, especially, have taken it to the extreme. It's like the whole sensitive guy thing - there are limits, beyond which you go from sensitive guy to pussy. And the Democratic party is becoming the party of the pussy.

We need someone to fire the party up, we need someone to get us going, to lead us into battle. I'm hopeless when it comes to inspiring people, and I'm a bad public speaker, so I'm right out. But there has to be someone in the party who is willing to speak the truth, to stick to their guns, to do what's right regardless of what their advisors tell them... and the funny thing is, I bet if there was a leader like that, and if they got the rest of the party to start acting that way... well, I have a sneaking suspicion that we'd actually end up succeeding, politically.

I'm not denying that you need to have some awareness of the "rules" of the game in order to play it and win, but, you know, you can win an awful lot of support just by being someone the people can believe in, truly believe in, deep down. Right now, no one trusts any politicians on any side, and it's for a simple reason - they're politicians. They put their political goals and motivations ahead of their moral beliefs, on both sides, consistently. At that point, you no longer have anyone you can trust, anyone you can count on, anyone that you can believe in - and without that, well, it's easy to appeal to peoples' more base instincts, which is why the damn Republicans are succeeding. When you hate both parties, the one who offers you short-term gains in exchange for raping the world for all eternity, well, just doesn't seem that bad. I mean, in the end, both sides are willing to rape the world, the Republicans just waste less time about it.

I don't have a solution, other than lining up the entire political machine in this country, killing them all, and starting over again. But I somehow doubt if many people would really go for that. Some might even say it's drastic. Ah well. Guess it's time to go back to "grassroots" work and see if we can't change things one slimy politician at a time.

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