March 8th, 2005


Crappy weather

An Album Share!The weather is crappy today. Very crappy. Very very crappy. I took some shots with the Treo (yay!), through the window. They didn't come out that well, unfortunately.

Here are two views out of our building to try to convey just how crappy it is. The wind is whipping around at about a billion miles an hour, snow is coming down surprisingly hard, and it's just ugly.

A Picture Share!Did I mention that the weather is really crappy right now?

Beautiful quote

Rep. Gene Taylor (D) of Mississippi on the president's reckless fiscal policies: "We are now over $2 trillion deeper in debt than we were four years ago. The interest payment, alone, on the debt is $1 billion every day. People talk about morals; well, it's immoral to take people's money and it's immoral to stick our children with the bill."

Found here:

Also, I think Josh Marshall does an excellent job of talking about what really matters with the whole Social Security mess.

Here's a snippet:
"The truth is that Democrats do have a goal here. There very much is something they stand for. And for those who don't, they should. That is, protecting and enhancing the retirement security of all Americans. Everything that advances that goal should be seen as a victory and everything that diminishes it should be seen as a defeat. At present, through their unity and advocacy, Democrats have significantly reduced the chances of a phase-out bill passing in the 109th Congress. Even at this early stage, that's a big victory.

Again, I am not so naive to say that Democrats should pursue a policy agenda and leave the politics to take care of itself. But consider the following. The hook for some of this second-guessing about Democratic strategy is a memo out a few days ago from James Carville and Stan Greenberg of Democracy Corps. And in that memo they argue that the deeper vulnerability for Democrats (and why they are yet to derive greater political returns on Social Security) is what they call "voters' deeper feelings about the Democrats who appear to lack direction, conviction, values, advocacy or a larger public purpose."

Well, here's the deal. Spin has its limits. You show voters that you have direction and conviction and values principally by having them. And for all the short- and medium-term political handicapping, I believe that's what they are doing right now. "

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