March 5th, 2005


LJ Question

Anyone have a WAP-like style for reading friends pages?

Here's the thing - with the new treo (or whatever device I end up with) it'd be pretty cool to be able to peruse my friends page on the road. But I need a style that's very simple and optimized for crappy browsers. I can make one myself, I guess, but I'm honestly really not so clueful about the style system, and I doubt if there's one pre-done that allows for that sort of thing. I want it to have no icons, simple tables only, minimal features (i.e. see 5 posts, have the read/reply-to comments link for each, and maybe a link for the username who posted it - and that's it...). Plus, it should carry-over into the read/reply-to comments pages if possible, so that I can not only read my page but respond to posts on it.


P.S. If anyone has gotten their Treo to work with gmail's POP functionality, can you let me know? I can get/read messages but not send, for some reason the SMTP authentication is failing (even though the treo supports SMTP authentication + SSL, which should be all I need). Again, reading works fine, but sending/replying, not so much.