February 21st, 2005


ASTROCENTER : Your Free Daily Horoscope (February 21, 2005)

Today you could decide to offer some romantic advice to someone, NICHOLAS. The planets may inspire you to share your personal philosophies about love. You might want to share your views with someone who is trying to sort out their own personal life. You could have some good ideas to offer them. Just don't try to control or manipulate them, because their experiences could be very different from your own!

To whoever is dumb enough to ask me for romantic advice: let me just say in advance, I am so, SO sorry.
You're fired!

Public transportation: 1, Me: 0

I was running behind this morning, for reasons I won't get into, but there were things that needed to be dealt with. After dealing with them, I headed out to work and hopped on the F.

Normally, my commute to work is fairly easy - F to Jay St., A to Canal, walk 2 blocks. Door to door, maybe 30 minutes. Easy.

Well, today was different. I hopped on the F, and got out at Jay St. - good. But then they announced that the A was running over the F line from Jay St. to West 4th, and I saw a sign saying the C wasn't running today. Damnit! The announcer did say, though, that to get to the stops between Jay St. and West 4th, you could just ride the A down from West 4th. I hopped back on the F before the doors closed, and rode it up to West 4th.

At West 4th, I got on the downtown A, reassured by the announcement that the next stop would be Spring Street. Ah, yes. Maybe things will work out - it added an extra 15 minutes and a little extra to my commute, but it wasn't that bad so far, right?


The doors opened at Broadway/Lafayette - it was going back down on the F line. Damnit! I ran to the 6 line, only to see a downtown 5. What? Oh, holiday, holiday! The next stop was Spring Street - so I dove on before the doors closed. And it did, in fact, go local, and I got off on Canal.

Anyways, from there I just walked the 8 or 10 blocks over to Hudson, and got in to work. But the end result was a few extra mad dashes, and a good 30 minutes of extra commute time - double my normal time. Sigh. Well, I'm here now. (And I've certainly had much worse subway stories, but it was just one of those injury/insult situations - especially when the A stopped at a different stop than the train conductor announced.)