February 20th, 2005


Happy Birthdays!

Lots of birthdays this month, augh, too many to keep up with!! (5 already so far, (3 in the past week alone!), 1 more today, and then another 3 coming up next week! Yeesh!)

Ok, first off, a happy slightly-belated birthday to penchantnyc!

Now, a very, very happy birthday to arachne, who I've been friends with now, for what, 8 years? Good times.

And finally, a happy almost-birthday to the_dibbler!!!

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The other Gates

The other Gates:

I visited the Gates for the first time yesterday (for reasons that'll be contained in a different post). I do have to say - I was unimpressed. They're sort of ugly, neither as small and intimate as I had first through pre-installation, nor as large and grand as I had thought post-installation. The fabric only hangs around halfway down, meaning all but the tallest freaks of nature can walk under them without brushing them (and in most cases, aren't even tall enough to jump up and touch them). The downside, though, is that walking under the Gates is singularly unnoticeable. Sure, there's this big splash of saffron orange overhead, and behind you, and in front of you, but it's not particularly attractive, or peaceful, or anything. It looks fairly ugly from far off, and looks fairly ugly (although in a different way, to be fair) up close.

My mom says it looks like Central Park is under construction. I can't entirely disagree.

The kids were amused by them for all of 2 minutes before they didn't care any more, and honestly, that's about the amount of attention they seem to warrant. That's a lot of money ($29m, give or take?) to spend for something that's worth 2 minutes of attention. Even multiplying that by the estimated 4m visitors (is that right?), you're talking $3/minute for this. Ok, well, photo bloggers seem to be spending days, not minutes, taking endless photos. But I'm talking normal people. Ok, so there are probably going to be closer to 10m visitors to the gates, maybe even 14m, but I really can't see it breaking the $1/minute mark, which makes for a very expensive form of entertainment.
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Tax software?

Anyone have any tax software they recommend? I've decided to do an experiment and compare the results I get from tax software with the results I get from my accountant. I suspect they'll be close enough that it won't justify the cost of sending it off for him to handle. At one point, things were uglier, but I've been cleaning up my debt and I'm working and living in the same state and my ex's business still existed and etc. etc. etc. and so I'm inclined to think that my new, improved tax situation will be simple enough for me to just do on my own.

Anyways, this year, I'm going to double-dip and try them both, and then we'll see what happens next year.
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Kozmo reborn

One of the old Kozmo people is starting a new, similar service - but a little more limited in scope and with the attempt to become profitable this time. For one thing, there's a $4.95 delivery fee on all orders under $50. For another, rather than do drop-boxes, they're just giving you pre-paid envelopes for the DVD's - but they're still charging $5 per rental, so I'm not quite sure how that'll work when you've got places like NetFlix out there. They'll also be delivering groceries, convenience items, etc. And of course, the big selling point, as always, is that they'll deliver in an hour.

Sounds interesting, anyways.