February 14th, 2005


TV is good

Ok, I have to say, I've been missing it. I haven't really watched much tv for the past couple of months, I've spent more time working at home than actually relaxing. I've been working on getting caught up, though, and I'm glad I did.

Everwood: I know, it's a WB Family Drama, which means it sucks, right? And it stars Treat Williams. *groan*

But... here's a secret... I actually love this show. And it's amazing how they manage to encapsulate so much actual Truth in the melodrama and ridiculousness. Yeah, it's cheesy and stupid, but it captures a lot of real stuff in between the melodrama.

Smallville: C'mon, it's got Clark Kent as a teen, reinventing a lot of the mythos, but while still staying true to a lot of the major points. Total guilty pleasure. Lots of stuff happened in the past few weeks, apparently. I'm still annoyed at them killing off Alicia, as she was just starting to get worth watching, but nevertheless, the show's getting interesting again. For a while I had been getting tired of it, but huzzah, it's back. (Some of that might just be due to me taking a long break from it.)

Scrubs: F'ing genius. And I'm loving the current story-arc. I don't know what's going to happen with JD, but I'm liking his new girlfriend lots and the thought of him actually finding someone to be happy with - who isn't psycho or doomed or something - and doing it in the standard Scrubs style, man, it's great. And she's a hot black chick. Again, for a while, Scrubs was seeming a bit... eh... the episode when... whatsis face, guest starred, terrible. Terrible. But the past couple of episodes? Pure goodness.

Alias: Eh. It's consistently ok. That's about all I've got to say about it - it never quite gets as good as it could, never gets as bad as you fear. It's disappointing, though, because it could be brilliant but it's not.

Arrested Development: Another show that is pure genius. And, honestly, more consistently laugh out loud than any other comedy out there, even including Scrubs. The difference is that on AD they really stick to just being funny - there's not a lot of pathos there. Scrubs brings some humanity to it, and you really grow fond of the characters. I love that about it. On AD you just can't stop laughing, it's so over the top and ridiculous, but done in a perfectly brilliant way. If you're not watching this show, there's something wrong with you. You know what the fix is. (Start watching it.)

And, in honor of all of the 80's show revivals recently, if you haven't seen the latest SomPos, check it out, it's great:
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