January 26th, 2005



Hot 97 - they have a release on their front page. Here's what it says:

New York City - Miss Jones and the HOT 97 Morning team have been indefinitely suspended for the airing of a song that made light of a catastrophic event, as well as comments made at the time the song was aired.
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Fucking morons. I wish they'd just fire them and not "indefinitely suspend" them. Glad they got that, at least.

Subway situation - improved, but still crappy.

I won't quote the whole article, but here's the latest headline from NY1: NYPD Now Says It's Not Sure What Caused Chambers Street Subway Fire. And here's another one from earlier: NYC Transit Says A, C Service Will Be Back To Normal In 6-9 Months. So, good. We're getting there.


Workload - still dying.

Oh well, 2 for 3. Can't win 'em all.
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