January 26th, 2005



Hot 97 - they have a release on their front page. Here's what it says:

New York City - Miss Jones and the HOT 97 Morning team have been indefinitely suspended for the airing of a song that made light of a catastrophic event, as well as comments made at the time the song was aired.
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Fucking morons. I wish they'd just fire them and not "indefinitely suspend" them. Glad they got that, at least.

Subway situation - improved, but still crappy.

I won't quote the whole article, but here's the latest headline from NY1: NYPD Now Says It's Not Sure What Caused Chambers Street Subway Fire. And here's another one from earlier: NYC Transit Says A, C Service Will Be Back To Normal In 6-9 Months. So, good. We're getting there.


Workload - still dying.

Oh well, 2 for 3. Can't win 'em all.
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Thinking inside the box.

The people at thinksmart.com are tired of the "tired cliche", "Think outside the box". Now, they're looking for an energetic new cliche to replace it.

These people have too much free time.
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