January 25th, 2005


Subway advisories

Ok, so after a long time of digging, this is the best I could come up with:


The main problem is that ALL OF THEM SUCK.

There's some decent news here:

But it's just not up-to-date enough and it's not broken down in a particularly useful format; if a particularly "news-worthy" outage or whatever happens, it'll get up there, but it's not good for normal advisories, I think.

So the question is, since the MTA is pathetically incapable of minding its own house (I mean when a single, relatively small fire can compromise service for three to five years, they're just out of control), is there a better way? The sites above have some info, but it's not updated regularly enough and isn't parsed and formatted in a useful way. So can we build something ourselves? How would it work?

Half my list is full of geeks, and the other half is still full of intelligent, if less geeky people, so I'm sure we can brainstorm something worthwhile. Maybe some of you even live in areas where there are reliable updates as to the state of mass transit and the like - if so, how do they do it? If you have no idea, see if you can link us to it so we can take a look.

Maybe even if the MTA is too incompetent to do something, we can put up a community-based site where people can send in advisories and post the latest news on the subways.

(And if anyone from the MTA reads this, it's nothing personal, you guys do a great job in a lot of ways, but c'mon - equipment that's still running from the 40's? A website with service advisories that sometimes doesn't list things that happened over 24 hours ago? That's crazy. Crazy.)
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