December 27th, 2004


God damn.

You know, I was kinda tired and grumpy when I got in this morning, I got in about 15 minutes late, and I was just feeling like it was a crappy morning. But then... then I read the headlines.

Over 23,000 killed in southeast asia due to tsunamis generated by an undersea earthquake, 9.0 on the richter scale. Everyone's covering the story, I won't bother posting links, but... yeah. That's scary. I don't even know what to say.

AV geeks?

Hey, I'm looking for something I thought would be simple and cheap and now is driving me crazy.

I want a component video switcher. This means multiple component video (and audio) sources in, one component video (and audio) out, so I can hook up multiple hi-def devices to my TV. I've got one that works with AV cables, and I've seen them for S-Video too, those are all easy and cheap, relatively. Getting one that works with component video, though, is apparently a real bitch. And of course, I want it to support HD resolutions - 480p and 720p and 1080i. (Otherwise, there's no point.) Ideally, at least 3 inputs, 1 output.

So - if there are any AV/multimedia geeks that can help me find a decent, cheap one, I'd appreciate it.