December 1st, 2004



Ok, intrepid f-listers... maybe one of you can find that which stumps even the Grat me.

I want a watch that has a compass built in, and also syncs its time off of the atomic clocks (i.e. is auto-setting and ridiculously accurate). That's it. Other nifty features gladly accepted, but those are really the only two that I'm intent on finding. Being waterproof, or having a heart-rate monitor, or a thermometer, or an altimeter, or being able to connect to a computer, or having a walkie-talkie built in, or any of those things are all nice but really not necessary.

All I want is a watch with a compass and atomic time. Compass. Atomic time. That's it.

I can't find one that does both, anywhere, at any price. HELP!