November 2nd, 2004



If you can vote in the US, and you haven't already, what the HELL are you waiting for? No excuses, people, this is The Day.

Get out there and vote! Even if you're a (and this pains me to say it) Bush supporter, get out and vote - this one is too important to sit on the sidelines. That goes doubly for the Democrats out there.

(Nader supporters... eh... get back to work, you shouldn't be reading LJ during the day. There'll be plenty of time to vote tomorrow. :P )

Remember, even if you haven't registered, some states allow same-day registrations, and even if that falls through, you can always ask for a provisional ballot (have ID ready!) and vote with that. If you're registered, make sure you vote ASAP - and to be safe, bring a photo ID and proof of address, although only newly registered voters should actually need that (in NYC anyways).

If you have any problems at the polling place, call this number: (866) MYVOTE1. If there is a serious problem, like someone is trying to block your vote, the "911" of voting assistance is this number: (866) OUR-VOTE. Again, don't call the "our vote" number unless it's an emergency or something very serious, otherwise, just stick to the "my vote" number. There are people there who will help you figure things out. If you somehow don't know where you should be voting, check it out here:

Ultimately, please, just get out there and vote - restore my faith in the basic decency of humanity. It's been waning over the past 4 years, and I need to believe that there's still some common sense and goodness left in our country. So VOTE, damnit.

Oh - and the coolest looking election results page I've found so far is up on CNN: