October 4th, 2004


Off ta bed...

I'm so tired I'm ready to drop. I was just paying the bills, and my head was literally nodding as I typed. Bleh. Need sleep.

Anyways, I had a really great weekend, despite being ready to drop. So, how'd it go for all of you?
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Feel free to comment and add your own, as I'm working on compiling a list of good Brooklyn restaurants (preferably in the Park Slope vicinity, but anywhere really) and listing some of the reviews/info pages on them.

First off, of course, is my neighbor:

NYM (Not much posted about 'em yet, they're too new...)

And now the rest:

Blue Ribbon Brooklyn

The Grocery

Al Di La Trattoria

To be added:
- Peter Luger Steak House
- Blue Ribbon Sushi (does it get its own listing?)
- Spumoni Gardens (Bensonhurst)
- Roll 'n' Roaster (Sheepshead Bay)
- Difara's pizza

(More to come... submit your own favorites, too...!)
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Christ, I'm just trying to find a local pharmacy, and it's been absolutely impossible. I've been trying to avoid Duane Reade, because I hate them, but I may have no choice. Christ.

Anyways, I start off with superpages.com, which I also hate, but which is there. And, it is indeed there. The only problem is the search-by-distance feature appears to only sometimes work, and sometimes randomly pick stores regardless of their distance. (Bear in mind I'm looking in places like Manhattan and Park Slope, where being off by a quarter of a mile is a big deal when you're walking that distance, especially during your lunch break.) So then I tried Mapquest, which found one nearby. I called, and the guy who answered said "This is not a pharmacy." I misheard him, though, and I thought he said something more like "This is [name] pharmacy". He may want to change the way he answers the phone. But, yeah, that wasn't so useful.

Oh, and earlier, I was trying to find a doctor, and used the Empire Blue Cross & Blue Shield website to search for one in network, and it did find one near me, but it got the address wrong, so instead of being a block away he was more like 15 blocks away. I dealt with it, whatever, but it was fucking annoying.

So yeah. I'm apparently dying, or something, and I've only got a few hours to live. Go figure. But that's ok. IF ONLY I COULD FIND A FUCKING PHARMACY!


I give up, I'm going to Duane (*shudder*) Reade. Fucking A, man. Fucking A.

Update: Ok, I now officially worship Yahoo, fucking Yahoo Local found what neither Mapquest nor Superpages (sites which, arguably, have a bigger stake in this sort of thing) could do - a local, non-Duane Reade pharmacy.

Update: Ok, I also continue to officially worship Google, whose local search is possibly even better than Yahoo's.