September 8th, 2004


Hmmm. My horoscope.

"You should be feeling your creativity energized today, NICHOLAS. If you have children this is a good day to take on that school project which requires your help. You may find a way to reconstruct 18th century England out of toothpicks and coffee filters. Your creative talents will be useful in other places too, so save some of it for the bedroom. Your partner will appreciate your ingenuity every bit as much as the kids do."

Yeah. Well, I am taking the kids to get registered at school today, does that count...? :P

The roof started to flood again, I had checked the filter last night but what I forgot to do was sweep the random crap off the roof - since, duh, when there's running water on the roof (like this morning) it will tend to pull the leaves and dirt and such with it, say, into the drain-filter. And so, said filter gets clogged. I was wading in it again this morning, clearing it. Fortunately - I checked it this time before it had a chance to really start leaking, but just barely.

Sigh. I want to go back to bed. :P
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Has anyone taken the A train to the Airtrain to JFK, and if so, good? Bad? Fast? Slow? I need to know how much time to budget, or if I should find a different way. I'm 2 blocks from the A here at work so it makes sense for me.

Update: The general consensus seems to be 1.5 hours +- 15 minutes, with a 4.2% margin of error (I just made that last part up). So for my 5:55 pm flight, I will leave at ~3:30 pm, which will give me 2.5 hours to get there and check in, which strikes me as plenty of time. It's a domestic flight, I've got e-tickets, and my plan is to have all of my luggage as carry-ons. So, there ya go. Thanks all!

Spin alert: Onion Article Redux. (Conservatives, avert thine eyes!)

Ok, now, for all of the saner folk out there, here is one of the most amusing things I've seen in a long time.

Someone took the Onion article from January 2001 (i.e. released just a few days before Bush's presidency began) called "Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'" and annotated it, linking from each satirical statement to the actual fulfilment of said statement in the time since then. Almost every point they used in their humorous article now has some actual event or series of events that corresponds with it.

Man, this is so funny. And sad. And scary! It's just like a Hollywood summer blockbuster, but without the 20 minutes of sneak previews. Check it out.
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Candlelight Vigil

MoveOn is organizing a candlelight vigil to honor the 1000+ Americans that have died in Iraq. To find out where the closest one is, go here:

Here's the thing. I think that's a worthwhile thing. What bothers me, though, is the whole concept of them also demanding an end to the war. I don't think it's that simple any more; you can avoid engaging in wars in the first place, but once you're in them, you often have no choice but to stay in them until you've gotten things to the point where you can pull out, especially when you're invading, occupying, bringing freedom, whatever you want to call it. The point is, we went in, and we destroyed their old government. I don't know if we can just pull out and leave them in that hellish, chaotic mess without doing even more damage on the way out. I didn't support the war in Iraq, I still don't, but I do support the people over there giving their lives (obviously!) and I don't know that demanding an end to it will actually make anything better. So I'm wrestling with going.

We'll see. Anyways, I thought people might be interested. I wonder if there will be any that are just intended to pay respects to the fallen without getting into the politics of it, because that I'd be interested in.

Columbus Day? What?!

I just found out that my birthday falls on Columbus Day this year. What the hell? That pansy-assed, stocking-wearing sailboat-riding girlyman is stealing my day, my spotlight?

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Bombs Away (lyrics)

As long as we're having a blast from the past, here's a song by The Police (in this case, written by Stewart Copeland I believe):

Bombs Away
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And in honor of GW, I present De Do Do Do, also by the Police.

De Do Do Do
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Disclaimer: I often will listen to a song and type it up myself; today I was too tired so I just searched and copy/pasted from an online lyrics site. If it's wrong, blame them, not me.
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